Twin Flames : It’s always been about YOU


First and foremost I’d like to apologize for all previous spelling and grammatical errors  that I’ve made in previous blog posts.  I tried to make myself twice as productive by writing blog entries while at work.  In between answering phones, booking appointments, ordering office supplies, and dealing with unhappy clients, I thought I was more than capable of providing quality writing for my gentle readers.  I would learn over the weekend, while rereading old blog entries, that that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I’m sorry for what probably came across as lazy and careless writing.  I’ve decided that I will only relay spiritual messages to you outside of the office, and away from the hustles and bustles of my crazy work life.

During my meditation session a few days ago, my spirits relayed a message to me that I felt I needed to share with the rest of you.  It was said so clear and precise that it gave me goosebumps.  ‘It’s always been about you.’  Yes, you heard me correctly.  It’s always been about YOU!  This message is mostly for the women on this Twin Flame journey.  I know what it’s like to twist your brain every which way wondering what the masculine is doing, and who they’re doing it with.  It isn’t until you’ve taken the time to learn, heal, and grow, that you will realize that separation is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to the two of you.  But enough about HIM, it’s always been about YOU!

I sat down and made a list of all of the wonderful things I’d attracted into my life since I began my Twin Flame journey.  I know realize and rightfully agree, that had my beloved and I never separated;

  • this blog would’ve never been created
  • I would still suffer from a high level of FEAR
  • I would still be plagued by anger and resentments of the past
  • I would’ve never realized I had the ability to heal myself, as well as others
  • My psychic abilities wouldn’t be anywhere near as developed as they are today
  • I would’ve never regained my self confidence and learned to really love myself again
  • I would’ve never realized how negative I once was
  • I would still partake in things that lowered my vibration (ie. heavy drinking/drugs)

***I’d like to point out that during separation, my Twin Flame and I were not in communication with one another.  And if we did communicate, it was through short winded emails.  So for the most part, I was alone during the dark night of soul.  However, I had friends who were always there for me when I needed to vent and let all of my thoughts and emotions out.  I sent one of my friends a text this morning and asked her how the hell she put up with me for the last year.  ‘I knew there was a spiritual meaning behind all of it,’ was her response.  I’m truly blessed to have such awesome hippie friends.

Now I want you to take a step back and ask yourself if you would enjoy being in a relationship with YOU.  Really, would you date someone like you?  Are you needy?  Are you trustworthy?  Do you have your life together?  Have you surrounded yourself with good and positive people?  Do you have a drug/alcohol problem that you choose to ignore?  Have you healed from past traumas?  How is your relationship with your parents and family?  How do you feel when you look in the mirror?  How do you feel when you look at other people?  Do you love yourself?  Have you ever truly loved anyone before?  These are all things that you need to consider before getting into a romantic relationship with anyone (not just your Beloved).

In reference to my the beginning of this blog entry.  I was doing too much too fast.  I took a few steps back and looked at which areas of my life needed balance and healing.  My health was terrible, my fears made me psychotic, and my financial status was in the dirt.  I was not someone who was ready to be in a relationship because my present was an absolute mess.  I made a list of what needed to change and how I was going to change them.  I began meditating and wrote down which healing practices worked, and which ones didn’t.  I reached out to the public and provided healing advice (free of charge) to people suffering from past hurts and traumas.  I started to care about the food I put into my body and started to workout at the gym again.  I began to pay attention to how I felt around certain people and cut negative individuals out of my life who stole my energy and my light.  I started dressing better and wearing clothes that I wanted to wear, not what I thought made me look ‘hot’ or desirable.

The Twin Flame journey is a lifestyle, not a love story.  What you do with your newfound spiritual path is all up to you.  It’s never about them, it’s always been about YOU!



Energy Healing and Twin Flame Union


I was hesitant to speak on the subject of Twin Flames because I think people have the whole theory misconstrued.  As I stated in my previous entry, the Twin Flame union is not a fairy tale ending.  For many people it’s only the beginning of their spiritual journey.  Which is why so many Twin Soul unions are temporary, never to be reunited again.

First let me define what a Twin Flame is.  A Twin Flame is the ultimate soulmate.  They compliment you on every level of your being.  Lets not assume that a Twin Flame relationship is drama free because it certainly has its ups and downs like any relationship.  And in order for the union to be a success, both parties must be spiritually healed of past traumas and karma.

I do not believe in the theory that Twin Flames were once one soul that were split into two.  You cannot split energy in half.  That’s just as preposterous as when people claim that their chakras are unaligned.  If your chakras were not in alignment with one another there would be no way for your energy to circulate.  And without energy circulation you would be dead.

I don’t believe that Twin Flame unions are strictly between heterosexual couples.  We’re all just energy at the end of the day and Twin Flame union is the perfect between the Masculine and the Feminine.  One half is predominantly made up of male energy, while the other half carries mostly feminine energy.

Most couples you see today are NOT  Twin Flame unions.  With the divorce rate at more than 50% and an even higher rate of infidelity, I’d say it’s more common for people to end up in karmic relationships.  In order to attract your ultimate soulmate you need to raise your vibration.  In order to vibrate at a higher level it will require a lot of perseverance and dedication to your spiritual development.  Too many people settle for unhealthy and imbalanced relationships due to low self esteem and the conviction that they don’t deserve better than their current predicament.

When I think about my past relationships, I can say that I settled with all of my past partners.  I was too forgiving and often ignored the red flags that were visible from the beginning.  One major warning sign I chose to disregard from my last relationship was how my partner moved on too quickly from his last relationship.  Once one relationship ends it’s better to take a time out from dating and reevaluate what it is that you truly want in a partner.

Energy healing helped me find balance in my life and to be sympathetic towards those struggling around me.  While some people are just born miserable, I think most individuals just want happiness and genuine love.  Why do you think self help books are so popular and take up so much space on best seller lists?  In my opinion, alcoholism and drug addiction wouldn’t be as prevalent if victims of trauma and abuse knew how to heal themselves spiritually.

No ones goal should be to find their Twin Flame.  Instead, everyone should strive to find an inner peace and an unconditional love for themselves.  It’s then that others will take notice to your undeniable light and be drawn to you for reasons they can’t describe.

Blessed be.  Have a beautiful Thursday ❤

My Twin Flame Story


First and foremost I’d like to say that 90% of what you find online regarding the Twin Flame theory is complete BS.  There seems to be this notion that there’s an all knowing sensation the moment you meet your Twin.  And that looking into your Beloved’s eyes is like looking into some cosmic mirror.  And I’m here to tell you, that that’s not entirely true.  At least,  not in my experience anyway.

I’d like to begin by sharing my stance on why I strayed from organized religion and decided to take my own spiritual path.  I believe we all have our own journey in life.  Organized religion puts everyone in a one size fits all category.  When I was a Christian I felt constrained and scared to question what I’d been told.  Whereas spirituality has let me find my own answers and challenge my own beliefs.  And I feel the same way about the Twin Flame theory.  Visiting websites that claim to hold all of the answers to the Twin Flame phenomenon will get you nowhere.  Also, never ever go looking for your twin.  They will enter your life when the universe feels that you are both ready.

There seems to be a sudden influx of interest in the whole Twin Flame conspiracy.   It seems like everyone and their cousin is trying to find their ultimate soulmate.  I stumbled across a twin flame website by pure chance about four years ago after my boyfriend dumped me.  I put ‘soulmates’ into the Google search bar and eventually stumbled onto a Twin Flame website.  Convinced that my ex was my Twin Flame, I went to a medium with the hope that she would tell me the same.  The medium was the most psychic person I’ve ever met.  She didn’t use cards, pendulums, or anything of the like.  And told me things that no one knew or could possibly know outside of myself.  However, I gravely disagreed with her when she told me what my Twin Flame and future husband would look like.  He didn’t sound like the type of man I’d typically go for.  Plus I didn’t know anyone that fit his description.  “How will I find him?” I asked the medium.

“By doing what you’re meant to do,” was the mediums response.  I pegged the medium a fraud even though the entire reading was scarily accurate.

As the years passed I eventually developed a strong attraction and almost obsession with spirituality.  I came across a Facebook group where I met another man who I thought was my twin flame.  He didn’t look anything like the medium described, but we had a strong spiritual connection and a comfortable chemistry. I’ll call him Ben.  The attraction between Ben and I was instant.  We’d talk for hours over the phone about our ideologies on life, as well as our spiritual beliefs.  We fell for each other fast and within weeks talked about what our lives spent together forever would be like.  Ben would go on and on about how he’d never felt so strongly for anyone.  And I would rightfully agree and tell him that I felt the same, even though I had an inner voice telling me that Ben was not The One.

Once the verbal abuse began, I knew for certain that Ben was not The One.  He also constantly accused me of cheating , which was purely a fabrication of his own mind.

As the relationship between Ben and I began to fall apart, I stumbled upon my second false twin. He was a prominent personality in the occult community and had quite a following.  Ben initially introduced me to his web page when we first began talking and told me to check it out.  And with my relationship with Ben nearly over, I became engulfed with my second false twin’s charisma.  I’ll call my second false twin Kevin.

Once my relationship with Ben ended, I started to talk to Kevin. Kevin was exactly like the Twin Flame websites claimed my Beloved would be.  We looked similar appearance, had an undeniable chemistry, and had a somewhat similar childhood.  Except, I still had that voice telling me that he wasn’t The One and not to trust him.  Our relationship never moved beyond friendship, especially after I found out he was already in a relationship with someone else for almost 5 years.

Still under Kevin’s spell, I spoke to an incredible energy healer who told me that I needed to listen to my intuition.  She explained that I wasn’t the only female he was talking to outside of his current relationship, and that my spirit was correct in telling me not to trust him.  I couldn’t help but feel angry and humiliated.  “It was meant to happen this way,” she kept saying, but it certainly didn’t feel that way.

I eventually gave up on love and delved deeper into spiritual development and healing.  A year later, I went to a psychic fair with a friend of mine.  I bought a reading even though I didn’t care what my future had in store.  So when the psychic mentioned love, I wasn’t the least bit enthused.  But I listened anyway because the reading cost me 80$ and the psychic was really kind.

The evening of my reading, I met and spoke with my twin flame for the first time.  I’d seen him on television a few months prior talking about a spiritual movement he was a part of and thought he was gorgeous.  I found his personal page on Facebook and had followed him ever since.  I had no idea that he was my Twin and just considered him an innocent crush.  However, one Facebook message quickly lead to a phone conversation, then immediately went to a video chat.  And as he and I talked in cyber space it suddenly dawned on me.  He looked exactly like the man the medium described to me some odd years ago.

I’d like to mention that there was a solid correlation between my two false twins and my actual twin flame.  I’ve chosen to keep that part out because it’s incredibly personal and not something I’d like to share with the World Wide Web.  Had I not met my two false twins I would’ve never found my twin flame because all three are a part of a spiritual movement that I never knew even existed.

My twin flame (whom I’ll call Dillon) and I talked for a couple weeks before I literally lost my mind.  I’d been burned so many times in past relationships and wasn’t about to be burned again.  My fear of losing Dillon became almost unbearable, so I cut off all contact and ran away.  However, I immediately went back to Dillon, but he became cold and distant.  Which was understandable because I was the one to leave without any solid reasoning behind it.

I now understand and accept that my reason for running was because I needed to heal physically, as well as spiritually in order for my Twin and I to be in union.  I was still angry about a traumatic incident that happened a few years prior and was suffering from health problems due to my unresolved resentment.

Oddly, I still had my doubts about whether or not Dillon was truly my Twin Flame because we didn’t have any of the traits listed on the Twin Flame sites.  We didn’t look alike, there wasn’t an immediate knowing, and our birthdays didn’t equate to the number 11.  It was through our separation that I realized that he was the one I’d been searching for because all of my invisible wounds rose to the surface and needed to be dealt with.

The separation was difficult, but deep down I knew it was more than necessary.  If I wanted to be in union I needed to start off fresh and free of the baggage from this life and the last.  Most days I felt awful.  But I kept with the meditations and cleansing rituals and felt a little better with each new day that the universe granted me.

After most of my healing was completed I stumbled across a reader who gave readings specifically to people in twin flame unions.  I still cared deeply for Dillon, but due to the lack of communication between us I worried that he no longer felt the same.  However, the reading told me otherwise.  My Beloved still cared about me, as the lovers card popped up  when the reader asked how he felt.  Before she ended the reading she pulled one more card for good measure, and to my surprise the Twin Flame card fell from the deck.  “I’ve never had that card come up in a reading,” the reader said.  She also mentioned that she saw the same cards in a vision during her meditation beforehand.

I’m still not fully ready for union, but I believe that the time is almost near.  I feel like an entirely new person and often look back and wonder how I had the strength to carry so much pain. I’m glad it’s all behind me now and is actually part of the reason why I decided to start this healing blog.  I know I’m not the only person in the world who’s gone through the hardships I’ve experienced.  And there’s definitely people who’ve suffered through far worse.  I’m here to tell you that there’s light at the end of the tunnel if you’re willing to put in the work to grant yourself a better life.  It’s there and has always been there if you really want it.

Blessed be my loves ❤