How to Meditate


Good evening and Happy Monday to you all.  I’m about to light one up and do my meditation for the day.  But before I begin, spirit has asked that I post a blog entry for individuals struggling with meditation.  My meditation instructions in all of my previous blog entries are pretty clear and straight forward.  However, I feel many have difficulty with visualization.  Something I also struggle with from time to time.  So I’ve decided to provide some excellent meditation tips, along with my nightly regimen.

Before I even begin my meditation session, I take a shower.  In my opinion, a fresh and clean body puts you in a comfortable and relaxed state.  I also think it’s important to wash yourself previous to working with your angels/spirits.  I see it as a form of respect towards your spirits/angels because they deserve to have you at your best.

After you’ve cleansed your space, turned off the lights and put on your meditation music, lay down and close your eyes.  Here is where most people tend to give up. They’ll spend 2-3 minutes trying to quiet there mind before deciding that they’re incapable of meditating.  I’m here to tell you that if I (a girl who has her moon in Gemini) can meditate, then you most certainly can too.  The hardest hurdle will always be quieting the mind.  If it’s your first time meditating, I suggest spending the whole session just focusing on your chakra spinning.

Choose a chakra, anyone one of your choice, and imagine it glowing and spinning.  If you have difficulty with that visualization, I want you to put two fingers where the chakra is located.  You may open your eyes to find the chakras area and then close your eyes again.  Keep your fingers in that area with a little bit of pressure and imagine your chakra spinning and lighting up your below your fingers.  Keep your fingers there until the vision is clear in your mind.  If you lose the visual after you take the pressure off, then put your fingers back on until you see the chakra once more.  Practice makes perfect and if you’re a beginner then cut yourself some slack.  It certainly took me a while to get it right and find what works for me.

If chakra visualization is too advanced for you, then start with only repeating a mantra in your mind.  Make sure it’s one that’s positive and doesn’t mention what it is that you’re trying to change.  For example, if you’re trying to get rid of fear.  Do not say, ‘I am not afraid.’ Or, ‘no fear.’  If fear is something that you are trying to get rid of then it’s important not to bring it up during meditation.  Instead say, ‘I am strength.’ Or, ‘I am strong.’  Think about what you do want and not what you are trying to get rid of.

The most you should be meditating is every other day.  Like working on a muscle, your spirit body needs a break and time to heal.  You also need to give your physical body a chance to catch up with the changes made to your spiritual body.  I used to meditate nonstop for weeks at a time.  A good way to assist your spirit body with healing is to sleep with the appropriate crystals under your pillow.  I’ve found that sleeping with crystals under my pillow helped to balance my spirit faster than wearing them during the day.

I will close this entry by saying do what feels best for you.  Burn incense, light candles, use crystals, listen to your spirit.  They’re there to guide you and will never ever steer you wrong.  A few days ago my spirits said to me, “No meat for seven days.”  I thought that was strange but I decided to follow it anyway.  Low and behold, the bloating after each meal stopped and my skin now has an undeniable glow.  I’m not sure if I will incorporate a vegetarian diet into my life permanently but we will see.  This journey has taken me on so many unexpected twists and turns that nothing surprises me anymore.

Anyways, take care my loves.

Yours truly,

July Moon