Marijuana Mystery Chakra Exercise


You will need to smoke before this exercise (obviously).  As I previously stated, be sure to get yourself in a positive state of mind before getting high.  I personally prefer to listen to ambiance music, but you can listen to whatever you want.  Just as long as it’s something that leaves you feeling elated.  This is to be said about all of my meditation exercises, whether you choose to smoke beforehand or not.  You need to be in a high spirits before combating energy blockages in the body.  If you expect to change your world you must first change your mind.

Next, clear your meditation space and put on some meditation music.

Then turn off the lights and lay down.

Quiet your mind and relax your body.  Once you’ve regained control of your thoughts I want to imagine each of your chakras slowly light up.  Start at the base chakra, then slowly make your way up through each energy center until you’ve reached your crown.  Take your time and DO NOT rush.  You really need to pay attention to how your body feels and which chakras stand out the most.  The ones that light up the brightest are trying to capture your attention and tell you they’re in dire need of healing.

****If more than one chakra is trying to garner your attention then you will need to go with your intuition.  Concentrate and listen to your spirit guides.  They know what’s best for you.

Once you have selected your chakra you must design a positive mantra to repeat in your mind to assist you in the healing process.  It can be whatever you want as along as it’s affirmative and feels right with you.  If you’re working on your base chakra, then you can repeat words that reverse living in the present.  As the base chakra deals with living in the HERE and NOW.  If you’re working on your throat chakra then you can create a mantra that has to do with clear communication, since its the energy center that houses all forms of communication.

With your mantra created and chakra selected, you may begin your meditation.  Envision your chakra turning and glowing beautifully as you repeat your mantra in your mind.  Relax and take your time as you would any other healing session.

I would like to point out that this exercise can be very intense and may leave you with body aches and pains the following morning.  DO NOT worry, it’s just your body releasing blockages and baggage.

Love always,

July Moon ❤

Arthritis Exercise with Marijuana


Marijuana is a tool that connects us to the spiritual realm.  Although I have nothing against people who smoke weed purely for entertainment, I choose to only light one up previous to meditation.  It makes messages from my spirit guides clearer and my meditation sessions more intense and beneficial.

An excellent use for marijuana is alleviating arthritis.  Arthritis is caused by energy blockages in the body.  After you’ve smoked a joint, close your eyes and pay attention to the  energy that circulates through your body.  Concentrate and pay attention to where you feel slight pain and cramps because those are the areas which house your blockages.

Then put on some meditation music, turn off the lights, and lay down.  Imagine your entire body fading into a glowing and translucent white.  Your body pain and blockages no longer exist.  All that is, is your spirit and mind.  Any time you feel a blockage, envision your energy pushing through the road block and then watch as it continues to circulate through your body.  In your mind repeat, ‘I am life.  I am clear.’

This is an intense exercise and you may feel sore the following morning.  DO NOT WORRY.  It is just your body healing and releasing.

Take care my loves ❤

Marijuana and Remote Seduction with Your Twin Flame


As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, smoking marijuana before meditation can be beneficial if done properly.  However, I also stress the importance of putting yourself in a positive state of mind before smoking weed to avoid any unexpected paranoia.  Listen to positive music, look at beautiful pictures, have a conversation with a good friend, do whatever it takes to put yourself in a good and happy mood.

Marijuana and connecting with your twin flame is very powerful.  Connecting spiritually to my twin flame while high has been incredibly intense and brought out thoughts and fears I never knew existed in my subconscious.  This is a very powerful exercise and must be done with only pure and honest intentions.  If you’re angry at your Twin Flame and/or wish to send them negativity then DO NOT do this exercise.  Hurting your Beloved, in the end, is only hurting yourself.

Before you begin this exercise, light one up and put yourself in a positive head space. Then put on some meditation music, turn off the lights and lay down.  This is the current meditation track I like to listen to

Where Twin Flames truly connect is at the heart chakra.  Your mind will probably be going all over the place after smoking, so it’s best to focus on an image and thought.  I recommend imagining your heart chakra spinning and glowing as you repeat in your mind, “I am love.  I am love.”  Feel your energy circulate through your body and through every part of your being.  You are alive, you are safe, and you are loved.

Once you’ve reached a comfortable calm, it’s time to connect with your Beloved.  DO NOT rush it.  Take your time and make sure you’re in a positive state of mind to avoid any unnecessary anxiety and anger that you may have towards your Twin Flame.

Envision yourself in a warm setting.  It can be any place in your waking life, or a place that is purely fictional.  Imagine your Beloved standing about 20 ft away from you.  Call out their name 3x.   After the third, envision your Twin Flames smile as they turn around and see their Beloved (YOU).  Give your Twin Flame a warm hug and imagine the way they feel as they look into your eyes.  Visualization here is crucial.  You must imagine your twins positive reactions and keep your images positive.

Now,  say whatever it is you want and need to say to your twin.  Your thoughts, your fears, and whatever else you feel they need to hear.  This is a very powerful exercise and caused me to break down in tears a few times.  This exercise is for YOU and to help YOU realize what you need to work on.  Are you afraid of commitment?  Do you have a fear of getting hurt?  This exercise will help you get to the root of whatever it may be that is keeping you and your Beloved apart.

End your supernatural meeting with your Twin Flame on a positive note.  Tell them you love them and that you will talk again soon.  I recommend that you only practice this exercise once a week as it is very intense and will take your body some time to release your emotions and fears.

Blessed be my loves ❤



Marijuana and Healing


Drug use for spiritual healing is a controversial issue.  There’s some spiritual healers that are strongly against drug use, while others always use drugs as a means to cure and help their energetic ailments.  I’m all for drug use as long as it’s natural and grown from the Earth.  Cocaine, heroine, and any other man made chemical based drug will never be acceptable to a legitimate energy healer.  Chemical based drugs (including pharmaceuticals) lower your vibration.  Hence the reason why many former drug abusers suffer from mental disorders such as schizophrenia and are haunted by dark spiritual beings.

My preference is to smoke before I meditate.  It catapults my concentration and allows me to feel the energy that circulates through my body.  It makes me feel alive and at one with the Universe that surrounds me.  Meditation with marijuana, as opposed to meditation on a sober mind are like night and day. I find my meditation sessions without weed to be a lot shorter and less spiritually satisfying.  Whereas when I smoke before meditation, I get to a deep and reflective state within seconds.  With the meditation session often lasting well over an hour.

Before you smoke and begin this exercise, I’d like to stress the importance of being in a positive state of mind.  Weed is notorious for causing paranoia, so it’s crucial that you’re in a positive mental  position prior to lighting up.  Listen to good music, watch positive videos, and look at beautiful pictures to remind yourself of the beauty of life.

****I will refrain from posting any exercises that pertain to the lower chakras because they generally deal with fear.  And marijuana in the wrong hands can make someone incredibly paranoid without any reason.

After you’ve finished putting yourself into a state of positivism, light one up and relax.  I personally love to listen to ambiance while I smoke, as well as flip through beautiful pictures I’ve saved on my phone.

Once you’ve finished your joint, bowl hit, or bucket, put on some meditation music.  Here’s one of my latest favourites –

***You may also use the necessary crystals for this exercise.

Then lay down and close your eyes.  Your mind may be all over the place at the beginning and that’s fine.  Just remind yourself that you’re in a safe environment and keep yourself at a comfortable calm.

When your mind has quieted down, focus on your heart chakra.  Watch as it spins clockwise and gets brighter and brighter with each turn.  With your heart chakra alive and well, repeat in your mind, “I forgive you.  I forgive you.”

***You may also repeat, ‘All is forgiven.  All is forgiven.’  Be creative and say whatever you want, as long as it’s positive.

Allow whatever to think about whatever comes to mind.  Whether it’s stunning visions, or hurtful things people have done to you in the past.  Allow yourself to think and feel as you repeat in your mind, ‘I forgive you.’

I’d like to point out that I am not saying that I enforce marijuana use in order to energetically heal.  You have the ability to heal and clear all of your chakras without any crystals, drugs, and any other spiritual tool.  Your mind is the most powerful thing in the world and visualization is always key.

Have a good weekend my loves.  And be good to one another ❤