Love, Relationships & Spirituality for WOMEN


Everyone holds their own experiences, perceptions and ideas on what they consider to be a healthy romantic relationship.  One thing I’ve noticed in the spiritual community, and with female spiritualists especially, are messy love lives.  I’m not here to judge anyone on who they choose to date or what kind of relationship they have.  Monotony, monogamy, polygamy, do whatever makes you happy.  What people do behind closed doors is strictly their business and their business only.  However, it’s hard for me to ignore what seems to be an epidemic among women in the New Age field.  A heightened sensitivity to spirits and angels often leaves spiritual healers and readers with a big ego and the sense that they know the answer to everything.  And I’m here to tell you, that we do not know everything.  We only know what we have experienced for ourselves or what we’ve mastered through working with clients.

Ask any woman and they’ll be able to give you a name of at least one other woman (usually older) who’s told them to never trust a man.  That men are all dogs and to remain single forever.  That mindset is complete bullshit and will only help you to attract cheaters and losers.  Trust me, it’s something that I suffered from for years until I finally decided to heal my past hurts and make room for the right people to enter my life.  In my opinion, claiming that all men are dogs is just as ridiculous as men saying all women are gold diggers.  There’s bad men and there’s bad women.  Whenever someone tells me that all men are disgusting, I ask, “Well, how often are you in the presence of a good and trustworthy person?”  And that usually forces them to look at the whole picture.

I’ve met and worked with a lot of spiritualists, mostly female healers and psychics.  Spiritual people more commonly have had complicated upbringings.  Thus caused us to work through our own baggage and redirect what it is that we want out of life.  Neglectful parents, violent family members, molestation, trauma, are what many spiritualists have endured throughout their childhood.  Such experiences leave many individuals with a distorted perception on what they consider a good and healthy relationship.  What most of us forget is that the true love relationship always begins with self.

Everyone you’ve attracted into your life poses as a mirror.  Like attracts like.  Consciously or subconsciously, you’ve drawn the good and bad individuals into your current reality.  If all you seem to attract are fakes and liars, then I ask you to take a step back and ask yourself what part of your life needs to be healed.  Do you have a sour relationship with your father?  Maybe a bad relationship with both parents?  Do you still suffer from the aftermath of elementary school bullies?  Past hurts and traumas need to be healed and released in order to make room for good to enter into your life.

For the men reading this, you need to be aware that an absent father figure can cause you to suffer from daddy issues as well.  I’ve noticed that men who’ve grown up with a poor example of a father, or no father at all, feel the need to over compensate their masculinity.  It’s like they always have to be the toughest guys in the room, treat women like dirt, and struggle with male to male platonic relationships.  Most of these guys have no friends, except the women they keep on rotation.  It’s a pathetic lifestyle and something men need to work through in order to attract the kind of woman they yearn for.

There’s a spiritualist who used to flaunt on social media how he had all of these women that wanted to marry him and blah, blah, blah.  Your typical egotistical male crap.  Fellas, if you want a nice girl you’re going to have to stop acting like every woman in the world wants you.  Do you think pretty women don’t have their pick of the litter?  Do you think pretty women can’t find a man to take care of them?  You remind a woman how many options you have, I guarantee she’ll place you on her rotation just as quickly.  You want to attract a good woman?  You need to be a good man.  You want a healthy and faithful woman, you need to be a nice and faithful man.  Again, like attracts like.  I laugh when arrogant assholes complain about only attracting ‘loose’ women, yet they’re loose men.  Like attracts like, how is that so hard to understand?

Find love and happiness within yourself.  Get out of that unhealthy relationship.  Learn to be happy on your own.  Allow the universe to help you.  Turn off the world outside and really look inside yourself.  You are beautiful.  You are lovable.  You are love.

Blessed be my loves and enjoy your weekend.