Solar Plexus and Clogged Tear ducts/blurry vision


The solar plexus has once again graced me with its presence and asked that I write a blog entry that pertains to the eyes.  The solar plexus governs the eyes, with its main sense being vision.  As I mention in previous blog entries, the solar plexus deals with fear.  People who are near sighted suffer from fear of the present.  And individuals who have difficulty seeing images that are far away, suffer from fear of the future.


Another health ailment caused by a blocked solar plexus are blocked tear ducts.  Again, this deals with the energy center being riddled with fear, and the eyes trying to shield itself from what’s in front of them.  It makes the individual light headed and unable to concentrate, as anyone who’s experienced clogged tear ducts knows how much of a nuisance they can be.


I like to reference the sun when discussing the solar plexus because of how powerful Earth’s source of light truly is.  Most of us don’t think about the power behind the sun as we’ve become accustomed to it rising every morning without any complications.  The sun is beautiful.  The sun is power.  The sun is YOU.  You are the holder of your future and the keeper of infinite possibilities.  With a healthy and balanced solar plexus, you hold the strength behind every ounce of your being.

You can tell when you’re in the presence of someone with a strong solar plexus because they’re not ashamed of who they are.  As weird and as crazy as the individual may be, they will never apologize for who they are because of their high level of self love.  I want YOU to be that person I am talking about.  I want you to have the ability to walk into a room and just own it!

Clear your meditation space and put on some mediation music.–BRs&t=3426s

Then turn off the lights and lay down.  The solar plexus is located about three inches above the belly button.  I want you to imaging that the light it shines is identical to the sun photographed above.  Watch as it turns clockwise and shines through the shirt your wearing.Have it lighting up your entire room if you want to.  Be creative and make it beautiful.

Repeat in your mind, “I am light.  I am the sun.”

***Although eye problems were discussed at the beginning of this article, do notthink about any of your eye problems while performing this healing exercise.  Remember, you are a light being.  Your spirit body is the one that needs healing and balancing.  The eyes are just a tool to help display imbalances in the spirit body.

While doing this exercise you may feel tingles and pressure around the eye area.  Not to worry, this is just the release of old blockages.  You may also feel phlegm drip down your throat (no one said healing was pretty).  Your ears may plug or become unplugged, again not to worry this is just your body adjusting to your heightened vibration.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE working on this energy center because I always wake up the following day feeling good and refreshed.  Even after nights with little to no sleep, working on the solar plexus makes me feel happy to be alive.

Do not expect your eye complications to be cleared up in one day.  It takes your physical body time to adjust to changes made to the spirit body.  Give yourself a chance and don’t give up so quickly.  Repeat this exercise until your eye complications have cleared up.