Marijuana Mystery Chakra Exercise


You will need to smoke before this exercise (obviously).  As I previously stated, be sure to get yourself in a positive state of mind before getting high.  I personally prefer to listen to ambiance music, but you can listen to whatever you want.  Just as long as it’s something that leaves you feeling elated.  This is to be said about all of my meditation exercises, whether you choose to smoke beforehand or not.  You need to be in a high spirits before combating energy blockages in the body.  If you expect to change your world you must first change your mind.

Next, clear your meditation space and put on some meditation music.

Then turn off the lights and lay down.

Quiet your mind and relax your body.  Once you’ve regained control of your thoughts I want to imagine each of your chakras slowly light up.  Start at the base chakra, then slowly make your way up through each energy center until you’ve reached your crown.  Take your time and DO NOT rush.  You really need to pay attention to how your body feels and which chakras stand out the most.  The ones that light up the brightest are trying to capture your attention and tell you they’re in dire need of healing.

****If more than one chakra is trying to garner your attention then you will need to go with your intuition.  Concentrate and listen to your spirit guides.  They know what’s best for you.

Once you have selected your chakra you must design a positive mantra to repeat in your mind to assist you in the healing process.  It can be whatever you want as along as it’s affirmative and feels right with you.  If you’re working on your base chakra, then you can repeat words that reverse living in the present.  As the base chakra deals with living in the HERE and NOW.  If you’re working on your throat chakra then you can create a mantra that has to do with clear communication, since its the energy center that houses all forms of communication.

With your mantra created and chakra selected, you may begin your meditation.  Envision your chakra turning and glowing beautifully as you repeat your mantra in your mind.  Relax and take your time as you would any other healing session.

I would like to point out that this exercise can be very intense and may leave you with body aches and pains the following morning.  DO NOT worry, it’s just your body releasing blockages and baggage.

Love always,

July Moon ❤

Energy Healing and Twin Flame Union


I was hesitant to speak on the subject of Twin Flames because I think people have the whole theory misconstrued.  As I stated in my previous entry, the Twin Flame union is not a fairy tale ending.  For many people it’s only the beginning of their spiritual journey.  Which is why so many Twin Soul unions are temporary, never to be reunited again.

First let me define what a Twin Flame is.  A Twin Flame is the ultimate soulmate.  They compliment you on every level of your being.  Lets not assume that a Twin Flame relationship is drama free because it certainly has its ups and downs like any relationship.  And in order for the union to be a success, both parties must be spiritually healed of past traumas and karma.

I do not believe in the theory that Twin Flames were once one soul that were split into two.  You cannot split energy in half.  That’s just as preposterous as when people claim that their chakras are unaligned.  If your chakras were not in alignment with one another there would be no way for your energy to circulate.  And without energy circulation you would be dead.

I don’t believe that Twin Flame unions are strictly between heterosexual couples.  We’re all just energy at the end of the day and Twin Flame union is the perfect between the Masculine and the Feminine.  One half is predominantly made up of male energy, while the other half carries mostly feminine energy.

Most couples you see today are NOT  Twin Flame unions.  With the divorce rate at more than 50% and an even higher rate of infidelity, I’d say it’s more common for people to end up in karmic relationships.  In order to attract your ultimate soulmate you need to raise your vibration.  In order to vibrate at a higher level it will require a lot of perseverance and dedication to your spiritual development.  Too many people settle for unhealthy and imbalanced relationships due to low self esteem and the conviction that they don’t deserve better than their current predicament.

When I think about my past relationships, I can say that I settled with all of my past partners.  I was too forgiving and often ignored the red flags that were visible from the beginning.  One major warning sign I chose to disregard from my last relationship was how my partner moved on too quickly from his last relationship.  Once one relationship ends it’s better to take a time out from dating and reevaluate what it is that you truly want in a partner.

Energy healing helped me find balance in my life and to be sympathetic towards those struggling around me.  While some people are just born miserable, I think most individuals just want happiness and genuine love.  Why do you think self help books are so popular and take up so much space on best seller lists?  In my opinion, alcoholism and drug addiction wouldn’t be as prevalent if victims of trauma and abuse knew how to heal themselves spiritually.

No ones goal should be to find their Twin Flame.  Instead, everyone should strive to find an inner peace and an unconditional love for themselves.  It’s then that others will take notice to your undeniable light and be drawn to you for reasons they can’t describe.

Blessed be.  Have a beautiful Thursday ❤