My Spiritual Journey

lotusIt’s impossible for me to say when my spiritual journey actually began, as I’ve experienced strange and supernatural occurrences  as far back as my mind can remember.  From  premonitions to astral projecting before I even knew what an astral projection even was, my life has always been very spiritual.  I’m also very psychic when it comes to reading peoples energies, but that’s a whole other entry for another day.

Like many, I was brought up Christian in a very white and very boring small town in Ontario, Canada.  My parents weren’t strict parents when it came to religion. And only took my brother and I to church for special occasions like Christmas, Easter, and anytime they deemed us unholy.  They also sent us to Catholic schools, which didn’t deter my attraction to the occult at the tender age of 12.  Although it may have been the movie the Craft?  Neither of my parents were ever into witchcraft or anything of the like, and that brings forth the nature versus nurture argument.  I was also adopted, only to add to my high level of weirdness.

Growing up I never really had anyone to talk to about the mysterious and supernatural things I experienced throughout my adolescent years.  I was always an odd duck to some extent and would just kind of shrug when I felt bad vibes from certain people, or cover my head with my pillow when I saw orbs floating above my bed at night.  When most young girls were starting to notice boys, I was a in the occult section reading about psychics and people who’d claimed to be abducted by aliens.

My sleeping life was always just as active as my waking.  And it was while sleeping that I found out I was an Indigo Child.  I was 21 and had this odd dream that I was in a dark cave.  The dream was crystal clear, which is the first tell tale sign that what i was dreaming was important.  Some girl, who I didn’t know in waking life, handed me a book with different shades of blue on each page.  I flipped through the book and stopped on the indigo page.  When I awoke I ran to my computer and looked up the significance of the colour indigo in a dream.  A couple clicks later I was on a page talking about Indigo children.  I don’t like labels as much as the next person because I believe that we’re all spiritually gifted and have a connection to the universe.  But it was nice to find an explanation for the weird things that made me once feel like an outcast.

I could go on forever about growing up spiritually aware, but that’s not why I started this blog.  I started this blog because of what I’ve experienced within the last year.  When I was 22 I experienced one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.  It flipped my world upside down and created a lot of pain where there was once none.  I began to drink and use drugs and lost all trust in men and humans in general.  With nothing to lose I turned to meditation.  I also became obsessed with the chakra system and made up my own meditation and cleansing exercises to cleanse each chakra.

I certainly wasn’t healed overnight.  It took weeks of perseverance and dedication, as well as a real want for a better life.  I’m not saying that I know the answers to any and everything.  I only offer what I know worked for me, and what I hope can work for others living with unnecessary pain and sadness.  Spirit  told me to start a blog to help others free of charge and to include each of the meditation exercises that helped me on road to spiritual recovery. But today, I will only post my introduction piece.


Blessed be<3