Twin Flames : Mirror Work Exercise

mirror  Good morning and Happy Tuesday from July Moon.  Today I have for you an excellent healing exercise that will assist you on your Twin Flame journey.  I’d first like to point out that healing exercises which pertain to Twin Flames must be done with a selfish intention.  If you perform these exercises with the sole purpose of getting your twin flame back, then I’m here to tell you that union will never happen.  The Twin Flame journey is all about self discovery and finding ones soul purpose in life.  We all yearn for a companion that will withstand lifetimes.  However, in order to attract the partner of your dreams, you first need to heal old wounds and fall in love with yourself.

This exercise is similar to my sacral chakra exercise, in that you’ll need to concoct a list of people whom you need to let go of.  This meditation exercise is not about forgiveness.  Fuck forgiveness.  Before you were even born you chose the path that you are currently walking.  You chose the people, the places, and the experiences.  Good and bad, you created the blueprint of your current reality.  Hence the reason why forgiveness will be invalid for this exercise.  In order for mirror healing to work in your favour you will need to accept that those who have harmed you have served their purpose in providing you with your greatest lessons.  As previously stated, you chose these people to help you learn and grow spiritually.

First, you will need to create a list of negative people who still haunt your psyche.  I don’t care if they’re people from 30 years ago, you need to accept and release those who continue to rob you of your happiness.  DO NOT worry about the length of the list.  Whether its 10-100 people, take your time and make sure to include anyone who has harmed and/or betrayed you in some way.

Once you have your list, you will need to pick 2 or 3 names to work on.  Only two to three names per day.  When you’ve chosen your three people, scratch their names off of your list and stand in front of a mirror.  You can also use a compact mirror, but a full body mirror is preferred.

***I’d like to point out that smoking marijuana before this exercise can help immensely.  It will slow things down and allow you to gather your thoughts.  I find it puts me in a head space that allows me to dig deep to the root of whatever the issue may be.

I want you to take your time with each person and pretend that it is their reflection that you are speaking to in the mirror.  Say what you need to say and then turn the conversation into a positive one.  Tell them that they have served their purpose and thank them for making you who you are today.  “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself because of you.”  Those will be the last words you will say before you move onto the next name on your list.

This will be a difficult exercise at first, but I promise you that you will notice a change in your awareness immediately.  Some of the things I’ve said during this exercise surprised me, while others brought me to tears.  It helped me realize that we’ve all been hurt and we all carry wounds of the past with us wherever we go.  No matter what the individual has done to you, you need to make peace and accept it as a part of the journey.  Your journey, that you created before you even stepped foot on this Earth.  No forgiveness.  No negativity, just pure acceptance.

After you’ve finished talking to those three individuals, you will need to turn on some meditation music, turn off the lights, and then lay down.

You will need to work on your heart chakra and say something like, ‘This is my life.  I am love.”  As you meditate on your heart chakra you will need to envision those three people you’re working on, as well as whatever it is that they’ve done to you.  This exercise helped me realize that there’s good and bad in everyone.  None of us is perfect.  We too have committed terrible and mean things towards other people.  We too have said and done harmful things that people that they will need to accept and release.

Take care my loves.  Blessed be ❤


Confidentiality and Spirituality


This will be a short entry, but that does not make it any less important.  I’ve mentioned in a previous post that working on your chakras not only helps to cleanse and clear the aura, it also aids with the expansion of the third eye.  With each blockage you heal and release, your connection to the spiritual realm intensifies.  As you raise your vibration and increase your psychic abilities, you will become increasingly sensitive to negative energies and people who vibrate at a much lower vibration.  Do not tell these people that they vibrate at a lower frequency than you or that their energy makes you feel uncomfortable.  We’re all on our own spiritual journey with lessons we must learn on our own.  Only assist if asked by the individual.  You may provide them with a link to my blog, or give them healthy pointers on how to meditate and balance their aura.  However, you must keep yourself at a distance to protect your own energy.  You are not here to heal the world.  Simply raising your vibration will help raise the worlds vibration and make it a better place for those around you.  You need to be selfish with your energy and protect yourself from psychic vampires.  As you increase in spiritual power, those who suffer from blocked energy centers will be drawn to you for reasons they cannot comprehend.  Be kind and understanding and keep yourself at a distance.

As you become more spiritually inclined you will begin to receive messages from your angel/spirit guides, and possibly the dead, during meditation.  Pay attention and always take what they say into serious consideration.  Some messages come as warnings, while others will pose as directions you will need to take.  My spirit messages this past week have warned me of untrustworthy individuals, as well as advice I was asked to relay to specific people.  Messages you receive regarding other people should always be kept confidential.  Unless spirit asks you to give a message to a specific person, keep all messages you receive to yourself.  If the receiver of the messages chooses to tell others, then that’s their choice and their choice only.

Confidentiality should be the utmost importantt when dealing with your spirit guides/angels.  They’ve put their trust in you and expect you to use your gifts for the greater good.  Do not gossip and do not spread rumours about what it is that you’ve been told.  This is your journey and your path.  Be respectful and empathetic towards those who are suffering.  You will come across jealousy, anger, resentment, and a whole lot more from people who see your light and want to take it from you.  Be respectful. Be kind.  Now that you’ve formulated a relationship with your angels they will protect you every step of the way.  It’s not your place to get back at those who have hurt you.  Do not be aggressive, but don’t let people walk all over you either.

Blessed be my loves.

Yours truly,

July Moon.



How to Meditate


Good evening and Happy Monday to you all.  I’m about to light one up and do my meditation for the day.  But before I begin, spirit has asked that I post a blog entry for individuals struggling with meditation.  My meditation instructions in all of my previous blog entries are pretty clear and straight forward.  However, I feel many have difficulty with visualization.  Something I also struggle with from time to time.  So I’ve decided to provide some excellent meditation tips, along with my nightly regimen.

Before I even begin my meditation session, I take a shower.  In my opinion, a fresh and clean body puts you in a comfortable and relaxed state.  I also think it’s important to wash yourself previous to working with your angels/spirits.  I see it as a form of respect towards your spirits/angels because they deserve to have you at your best.

After you’ve cleansed your space, turned off the lights and put on your meditation music, lay down and close your eyes.  Here is where most people tend to give up. They’ll spend 2-3 minutes trying to quiet there mind before deciding that they’re incapable of meditating.  I’m here to tell you that if I (a girl who has her moon in Gemini) can meditate, then you most certainly can too.  The hardest hurdle will always be quieting the mind.  If it’s your first time meditating, I suggest spending the whole session just focusing on your chakra spinning.

Choose a chakra, anyone one of your choice, and imagine it glowing and spinning.  If you have difficulty with that visualization, I want you to put two fingers where the chakra is located.  You may open your eyes to find the chakras area and then close your eyes again.  Keep your fingers in that area with a little bit of pressure and imagine your chakra spinning and lighting up your below your fingers.  Keep your fingers there until the vision is clear in your mind.  If you lose the visual after you take the pressure off, then put your fingers back on until you see the chakra once more.  Practice makes perfect and if you’re a beginner then cut yourself some slack.  It certainly took me a while to get it right and find what works for me.

If chakra visualization is too advanced for you, then start with only repeating a mantra in your mind.  Make sure it’s one that’s positive and doesn’t mention what it is that you’re trying to change.  For example, if you’re trying to get rid of fear.  Do not say, ‘I am not afraid.’ Or, ‘no fear.’  If fear is something that you are trying to get rid of then it’s important not to bring it up during meditation.  Instead say, ‘I am strength.’ Or, ‘I am strong.’  Think about what you do want and not what you are trying to get rid of.

The most you should be meditating is every other day.  Like working on a muscle, your spirit body needs a break and time to heal.  You also need to give your physical body a chance to catch up with the changes made to your spiritual body.  I used to meditate nonstop for weeks at a time.  A good way to assist your spirit body with healing is to sleep with the appropriate crystals under your pillow.  I’ve found that sleeping with crystals under my pillow helped to balance my spirit faster than wearing them during the day.

I will close this entry by saying do what feels best for you.  Burn incense, light candles, use crystals, listen to your spirit.  They’re there to guide you and will never ever steer you wrong.  A few days ago my spirits said to me, “No meat for seven days.”  I thought that was strange but I decided to follow it anyway.  Low and behold, the bloating after each meal stopped and my skin now has an undeniable glow.  I’m not sure if I will incorporate a vegetarian diet into my life permanently but we will see.  This journey has taken me on so many unexpected twists and turns that nothing surprises me anymore.

Anyways, take care my loves.

Yours truly,

July Moon



Love, Relationships & Spirituality for WOMEN


Everyone holds their own experiences, perceptions and ideas on what they consider to be a healthy romantic relationship.  One thing I’ve noticed in the spiritual community, and with female spiritualists especially, are messy love lives.  I’m not here to judge anyone on who they choose to date or what kind of relationship they have.  Monotony, monogamy, polygamy, do whatever makes you happy.  What people do behind closed doors is strictly their business and their business only.  However, it’s hard for me to ignore what seems to be an epidemic among women in the New Age field.  A heightened sensitivity to spirits and angels often leaves spiritual healers and readers with a big ego and the sense that they know the answer to everything.  And I’m here to tell you, that we do not know everything.  We only know what we have experienced for ourselves or what we’ve mastered through working with clients.

Ask any woman and they’ll be able to give you a name of at least one other woman (usually older) who’s told them to never trust a man.  That men are all dogs and to remain single forever.  That mindset is complete bullshit and will only help you to attract cheaters and losers.  Trust me, it’s something that I suffered from for years until I finally decided to heal my past hurts and make room for the right people to enter my life.  In my opinion, claiming that all men are dogs is just as ridiculous as men saying all women are gold diggers.  There’s bad men and there’s bad women.  Whenever someone tells me that all men are disgusting, I ask, “Well, how often are you in the presence of a good and trustworthy person?”  And that usually forces them to look at the whole picture.

I’ve met and worked with a lot of spiritualists, mostly female healers and psychics.  Spiritual people more commonly have had complicated upbringings.  Thus caused us to work through our own baggage and redirect what it is that we want out of life.  Neglectful parents, violent family members, molestation, trauma, are what many spiritualists have endured throughout their childhood.  Such experiences leave many individuals with a distorted perception on what they consider a good and healthy relationship.  What most of us forget is that the true love relationship always begins with self.

Everyone you’ve attracted into your life poses as a mirror.  Like attracts like.  Consciously or subconsciously, you’ve drawn the good and bad individuals into your current reality.  If all you seem to attract are fakes and liars, then I ask you to take a step back and ask yourself what part of your life needs to be healed.  Do you have a sour relationship with your father?  Maybe a bad relationship with both parents?  Do you still suffer from the aftermath of elementary school bullies?  Past hurts and traumas need to be healed and released in order to make room for good to enter into your life.

For the men reading this, you need to be aware that an absent father figure can cause you to suffer from daddy issues as well.  I’ve noticed that men who’ve grown up with a poor example of a father, or no father at all, feel the need to over compensate their masculinity.  It’s like they always have to be the toughest guys in the room, treat women like dirt, and struggle with male to male platonic relationships.  Most of these guys have no friends, except the women they keep on rotation.  It’s a pathetic lifestyle and something men need to work through in order to attract the kind of woman they yearn for.

There’s a spiritualist who used to flaunt on social media how he had all of these women that wanted to marry him and blah, blah, blah.  Your typical egotistical male crap.  Fellas, if you want a nice girl you’re going to have to stop acting like every woman in the world wants you.  Do you think pretty women don’t have their pick of the litter?  Do you think pretty women can’t find a man to take care of them?  You remind a woman how many options you have, I guarantee she’ll place you on her rotation just as quickly.  You want to attract a good woman?  You need to be a good man.  You want a healthy and faithful woman, you need to be a nice and faithful man.  Again, like attracts like.  I laugh when arrogant assholes complain about only attracting ‘loose’ women, yet they’re loose men.  Like attracts like, how is that so hard to understand?

Find love and happiness within yourself.  Get out of that unhealthy relationship.  Learn to be happy on your own.  Allow the universe to help you.  Turn off the world outside and really look inside yourself.  You are beautiful.  You are lovable.  You are love.

Blessed be my loves and enjoy your weekend.





Twin Flames : It’s always been about YOU


First and foremost I’d like to apologize for all previous spelling and grammatical errors  that I’ve made in previous blog posts.  I tried to make myself twice as productive by writing blog entries while at work.  In between answering phones, booking appointments, ordering office supplies, and dealing with unhappy clients, I thought I was more than capable of providing quality writing for my gentle readers.  I would learn over the weekend, while rereading old blog entries, that that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I’m sorry for what probably came across as lazy and careless writing.  I’ve decided that I will only relay spiritual messages to you outside of the office, and away from the hustles and bustles of my crazy work life.

During my meditation session a few days ago, my spirits relayed a message to me that I felt I needed to share with the rest of you.  It was said so clear and precise that it gave me goosebumps.  ‘It’s always been about you.’  Yes, you heard me correctly.  It’s always been about YOU!  This message is mostly for the women on this Twin Flame journey.  I know what it’s like to twist your brain every which way wondering what the masculine is doing, and who they’re doing it with.  It isn’t until you’ve taken the time to learn, heal, and grow, that you will realize that separation is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to the two of you.  But enough about HIM, it’s always been about YOU!

I sat down and made a list of all of the wonderful things I’d attracted into my life since I began my Twin Flame journey.  I know realize and rightfully agree, that had my beloved and I never separated;

  • this blog would’ve never been created
  • I would still suffer from a high level of FEAR
  • I would still be plagued by anger and resentments of the past
  • I would’ve never realized I had the ability to heal myself, as well as others
  • My psychic abilities wouldn’t be anywhere near as developed as they are today
  • I would’ve never regained my self confidence and learned to really love myself again
  • I would’ve never realized how negative I once was
  • I would still partake in things that lowered my vibration (ie. heavy drinking/drugs)

***I’d like to point out that during separation, my Twin Flame and I were not in communication with one another.  And if we did communicate, it was through short winded emails.  So for the most part, I was alone during the dark night of soul.  However, I had friends who were always there for me when I needed to vent and let all of my thoughts and emotions out.  I sent one of my friends a text this morning and asked her how the hell she put up with me for the last year.  ‘I knew there was a spiritual meaning behind all of it,’ was her response.  I’m truly blessed to have such awesome hippie friends.

Now I want you to take a step back and ask yourself if you would enjoy being in a relationship with YOU.  Really, would you date someone like you?  Are you needy?  Are you trustworthy?  Do you have your life together?  Have you surrounded yourself with good and positive people?  Do you have a drug/alcohol problem that you choose to ignore?  Have you healed from past traumas?  How is your relationship with your parents and family?  How do you feel when you look in the mirror?  How do you feel when you look at other people?  Do you love yourself?  Have you ever truly loved anyone before?  These are all things that you need to consider before getting into a romantic relationship with anyone (not just your Beloved).

In reference to my the beginning of this blog entry.  I was doing too much too fast.  I took a few steps back and looked at which areas of my life needed balance and healing.  My health was terrible, my fears made me psychotic, and my financial status was in the dirt.  I was not someone who was ready to be in a relationship because my present was an absolute mess.  I made a list of what needed to change and how I was going to change them.  I began meditating and wrote down which healing practices worked, and which ones didn’t.  I reached out to the public and provided healing advice (free of charge) to people suffering from past hurts and traumas.  I started to care about the food I put into my body and started to workout at the gym again.  I began to pay attention to how I felt around certain people and cut negative individuals out of my life who stole my energy and my light.  I started dressing better and wearing clothes that I wanted to wear, not what I thought made me look ‘hot’ or desirable.

The Twin Flame journey is a lifestyle, not a love story.  What you do with your newfound spiritual path is all up to you.  It’s never about them, it’s always been about YOU!



Pay Attention to your Mind, Body and Spirit


There is a dark side to energy healing that I’d like to bring attention to on this lovely and beautiful morning.  I’d like to bring forth the importance clearing and healing your chakras in chronological order.   I always recommend my clients to start at the base and to work their way up through each energy center.  Why I stress the significance of taking literally one step at a time is to prevent malfunctions with the third eye.  Every time you clear each chakra your third eye gains power.  And due to blockages in the remaining energy centers, they can have you seeing and having psychic dreams that are based on fear.  Something I experienced when my solar plexus was severely blocked.  For months I had nightmares telling me that I’d developed a deadly disease until I went to the doctor and got checked out.  As it turned out, there was absolutely nothing wrong with me.  It was just one of the many fears from my waking life that took over my dream life as well.

I’ll use another example.  An energy healer I met a few years ago who told me I needed to work on my throat chakra.  Another reiki master told me I needed to work on my sacral chakra.  And technically, they were both right.   I’d started to read up on the chakra system and suffered from numerous health problems brought on by a blocked sacral and throat energy center.  After months of trial and error and meditating with my spirit guides, I would find out that the culprit behind most ( if not all) my health problems was the solar plexus.  I’d balanced and cleansed every single one of my chakras except the solar plexus because the reiki masters never mentioned anything about it.  I was mad but also incredibly relieved  once I found the root of the problem because all of my health ailments went away in a matter of days.

Anything that deals with the spiritual and subconscious can be dangerous.  Energy healing can leave you feeling tired, sad, depressed, and unable to get out of bed in the morning.  It forces you to sort through past resentments and painful memories that most would rather forget.  Reiki is therapeutic, but also very menacing if not performed properly.   That’s why I’ve started this blog and chosen to share what I’ve learned with the hope of helping others who are also suffering through past trauma.  As I’ve learned, most energy healers are bullshit and a waste of money.  No one knows yourself better than YOU and your guides.  YOU are the one that knows every ache and pain in your body and only YOU hold the ability to truly heal yourself.

I’m not mad about all of the money I’ve spent on healers because it forced me to research and find my own answers.  I’ve never been more proud of myself.  Just to know that I (as well as the rest of the world) has the ability to heal themselves on their own is the best gift I could’ve ever received.  So, thank you universe for every dead end and spiritual healer you placed on my path.  I’ve developed full trust in you and in my guides and came to realize that you truly have my best interest at heart ❤

Be patient.  Listen to your body.  Learn from yourself and the ones around you.  I now understand why the universe placed that negative person in my life last year.  At one point, I was just like that negative person.  I was negative, angry, judgmental and just so unhappy in every area of my life.  It’s now apparent that the universe put that individual in my life to act as mirror and to show me the negative person I once was.  Learn from your enemies and the unhappy people who have entered your life.  The universe is trying to tell you something, you just need to figure out what it is.   ❤





Marijuana Mystery Chakra Exercise


You will need to smoke before this exercise (obviously).  As I previously stated, be sure to get yourself in a positive state of mind before getting high.  I personally prefer to listen to ambiance music, but you can listen to whatever you want.  Just as long as it’s something that leaves you feeling elated.  This is to be said about all of my meditation exercises, whether you choose to smoke beforehand or not.  You need to be in a high spirits before combating energy blockages in the body.  If you expect to change your world you must first change your mind.

Next, clear your meditation space and put on some meditation music.

Then turn off the lights and lay down.

Quiet your mind and relax your body.  Once you’ve regained control of your thoughts I want to imagine each of your chakras slowly light up.  Start at the base chakra, then slowly make your way up through each energy center until you’ve reached your crown.  Take your time and DO NOT rush.  You really need to pay attention to how your body feels and which chakras stand out the most.  The ones that light up the brightest are trying to capture your attention and tell you they’re in dire need of healing.

****If more than one chakra is trying to garner your attention then you will need to go with your intuition.  Concentrate and listen to your spirit guides.  They know what’s best for you.

Once you have selected your chakra you must design a positive mantra to repeat in your mind to assist you in the healing process.  It can be whatever you want as along as it’s affirmative and feels right with you.  If you’re working on your base chakra, then you can repeat words that reverse living in the present.  As the base chakra deals with living in the HERE and NOW.  If you’re working on your throat chakra then you can create a mantra that has to do with clear communication, since its the energy center that houses all forms of communication.

With your mantra created and chakra selected, you may begin your meditation.  Envision your chakra turning and glowing beautifully as you repeat your mantra in your mind.  Relax and take your time as you would any other healing session.

I would like to point out that this exercise can be very intense and may leave you with body aches and pains the following morning.  DO NOT worry, it’s just your body releasing blockages and baggage.

Love always,

July Moon ❤