Solar Plexus and Clogged Tear ducts/blurry vision


The solar plexus has once again graced me with its presence and asked that I write a blog entry that pertains to the eyes.  The solar plexus governs the eyes, with its main sense being vision.  As I mention in previous blog entries, the solar plexus deals with fear.  People who are near sighted suffer from fear of the present.  And individuals who have difficulty seeing images that are far away, suffer from fear of the future.


Another health ailment caused by a blocked solar plexus are blocked tear ducts.  Again, this deals with the energy center being riddled with fear, and the eyes trying to shield itself from what’s in front of them.  It makes the individual light headed and unable to concentrate, as anyone who’s experienced clogged tear ducts knows how much of a nuisance they can be.


I like to reference the sun when discussing the solar plexus because of how powerful Earth’s source of light truly is.  Most of us don’t think about the power behind the sun as we’ve become accustomed to it rising every morning without any complications.  The sun is beautiful.  The sun is power.  The sun is YOU.  You are the holder of your future and the keeper of infinite possibilities.  With a healthy and balanced solar plexus, you hold the strength behind every ounce of your being.

You can tell when you’re in the presence of someone with a strong solar plexus because they’re not ashamed of who they are.  As weird and as crazy as the individual may be, they will never apologize for who they are because of their high level of self love.  I want YOU to be that person I am talking about.  I want you to have the ability to walk into a room and just own it!

Clear your meditation space and put on some mediation music.–BRs&t=3426s

Then turn off the lights and lay down.  The solar plexus is located about three inches above the belly button.  I want you to imaging that the light it shines is identical to the sun photographed above.  Watch as it turns clockwise and shines through the shirt your wearing.Have it lighting up your entire room if you want to.  Be creative and make it beautiful.

Repeat in your mind, “I am light.  I am the sun.”

***Although eye problems were discussed at the beginning of this article, do notthink about any of your eye problems while performing this healing exercise.  Remember, you are a light being.  Your spirit body is the one that needs healing and balancing.  The eyes are just a tool to help display imbalances in the spirit body.

While doing this exercise you may feel tingles and pressure around the eye area.  Not to worry, this is just the release of old blockages.  You may also feel phlegm drip down your throat (no one said healing was pretty).  Your ears may plug or become unplugged, again not to worry this is just your body adjusting to your heightened vibration.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE working on this energy center because I always wake up the following day feeling good and refreshed.  Even after nights with little to no sleep, working on the solar plexus makes me feel happy to be alive.

Do not expect your eye complications to be cleared up in one day.  It takes your physical body time to adjust to changes made to the spirit body.  Give yourself a chance and don’t give up so quickly.  Repeat this exercise until your eye complications have cleared up.

Weight Loss and the Solar Plexus

solar weight  As I previously stated, the solar plexus is the place where all of your fear resides.  Fear of love.  Fear of commitment.  Fear of success.  A blocked solar plexus can cause your life to take a turn for the worst and attract other people who also suffer from a high level of fear.

After my first heart break my solar plexus became severely blocked.  Although I knew nothing about chakras and energy healing at that particular time in my life, I did notice a major change in my body and the way I looked at the world.  I developed food allergies literally out of nowhere and adopted the mentality that all men were liars and cheaters.  My new and unhealthy mindset only caused me to attract more of what I didn’t want, men who were liars and cheaters.  Which caused my problems with my solar plexus to worsen as time went on.

All of your chakras are sensitive and one imbalance can bring on a ton of unwanted health problems.  Another side effect of a blocked solar plexus is an unquenchable hunger.  I was always hungry and often snacked throughout the day.  That is the body protecting itself.  Weight gain is a form of the spirit body protecting itself, as crazy as it may sound.  As I previously mentioned, I noticed that people who’ve experienced serious traumas  often struggle with their weight after such events.

Blockages in the solar plexus can be very painful and uncomfortable.  They create cramps in the abdomen as well as stomach pains after you eat.  The solar plexus governs the digestive system and a blocked solar plexus causes stomach swelling after eating.  Due to the lack of proper energy circulation, it will also cause one to feel a high level of fatigue all of the time.  It hurts me to see people living with pains of the past.  One shouldn’t have to suffer through the pain of the past TODAY.

lemon quartz

My favourite stone for this energy center is the Lemon Quartz crystal (photographed above).  I felt the healing properties of this crystal the moment it touched my skin.  I actually went out and bought a few of these stones for friends who I felt needed some Lemon quartz healing and they too felt the stones power immediately.  I recommend you add a lemon quartz  to your collection if your spirit feels drawn to the photograph above.  I happen to know an excellent jewelry maker on etsy who makes beautiful pieces with this stone.  Here is a link to her online shop:

For this exercise I do not want you to think about your weight or body.  And I especially don’t want you to think about how much weight you’d like to use.  This meditation exercise is strictly about spirit and healing yourself internally.  When you’re happy on the inside, you radiate on the outside.  Your whole being will naturally shift as you release old blockages and baggage.

Clear your meditation space and put on some meditation music.  Here’s one of my favourites https: //

Then turn off the lights and lay down.  This exercise is to remind your spirit and body that it is already whole.  It does not need an excessive amount of food or anything else to complete you.  YOU are already one with the universe.  Your spirit is already perfect and has everything it needs.  Envision your solar plexus slowly start to spin and shine a beautiful yellow.  It’s located just a few inches above your belly button.

***I’d like to forewarn that working on this energy center may cause some slight discomfort.  When I first meditated on the solar plexus I could feel pain in my stomach as the blockages were released.  Not to worry if the same thing happens to you.  Just relax and let your spirit do what’s necessary.

Once you have your beautiful yellow rotating disk in your mind, I want you to repeat, “I am whole.  I am light.”  Imagine your body fading and that all you will see is your rotating disk.  You are not your body.  You are your spirit.  Your body is just a tool that tells us how things are on the inside.

Like all chakras, your body will take time to adjust to the changes.  Spiritually you’re healed instantly.  However, the body will take up to a week to show any progress in our current dimension.  We live in a very slow paced dimension, so cut yourself some slack and give your healing abilities a chance.

Peace.  Love.  Unity.  ❤



Candida Overgrowth and the Manipura (Solar Plexus)


Taken from Wikipedia : Candida is a genus of yeasts and is the most common cause of fungal infections worldwide.

We all have Candida bacteria living inside of us.  However, too much Candida can create a lot of serious health problems if left untreated for an extended period of time.  The prevalent signs of Candida overgrowth in the body are:

  • severe fatigue
  • oral thrush
  • weakened immune system
  • sinus infections
  • joint pain
  • irritability
  • severe sugar cravings
  • recurring yeast infections
  • brain fog
  • digestion problems

***I would first like to point out that a past client of mine granted me permission to share her  experience with Candida under the premise that I keep her identity confidential.  I will call her *Mary.

Mary was once married to an awful man who abused her both verbally and physically.   She eventually found the strength to leave her abusive husband, and was left with severe PTSD, depression, and health problems that no doctor seemed to be able to cure.  For years she suffered through body aches, a yeast infection that wouldn’t go away, dizziness, severe sugar cravings, as well as weight gain and an inability to lose it.  While she surfed the web one night, in search of a cure for her constant ailments, she stumbled upon my blog.

Unsure of where to start, Mary reached out to me and asked if I could help her.  We started with the first chakra, which helped abolish some of her body aches and pains.  Then we moved onto the sacral chakra, which cleared up some of her digestive problems.  But neither chakra helped to heal her constant yeast infections, her PTSD, and a few other ailments that made each day a struggle.

I read up online for a couple days on the first and second chakras, and most of what I found claimed that PTSD and yeast infections pertained to blockages in the root chakra.  I thought that was strange because I was more than sure that Mary had completely cleared both her root and sacral chakras.  So I dug around some more and stumbled upon a page on Candida.  I had no idea what Candida even was but I read up on it anyway.  When I read about its most common symptoms, I sent Mary a link to the web page and asked her if it was something she thought she may have.  A few hours later a I received an email response from Mary who said that she suffered from everything that was listed.  I continued to read about Candida overgrowth and its effects the human body.  Most websites claimed Candida was an imbalance in the root chakra, except one that stated it stemmed from the solar plexus.

I asked Mary about her fears, because fear resides in the solar plexus energy center.  She claimed that she feared love, relationships and still had a lot of anger from the past.  So I gave Mary a few solar plexus exercises to practice for the remainder of the week.

After the first week of meditating on the solar plexus, Mary didn’t notice a huge shift besides some minor changes in the way she thought.  She was no longer afraid of love and her anger towards her past began to also dissipate.  Mary also noticed that she felt empathy towards those who’d hurt her.

About a week and a half after Mary began the solar plexus exercises (it takes your body longer to catch up with your spirit body), she noticed her yeast infection started to clear up for the first time in years, her weight started to fluctuate, and her digestive problems completely disappeared.  Mary also claimed that she had started to attract other healers and spiritualists into her life who held similar beliefs as her.  At work, on the train, at a coffee shop, everyone Mary met would somehow bring up the topic of spirituality and how its changed their lives for the better.

Mary’s story, as well as many others, is exactly why I decided to start this blog.  No one deserves to walk around with such heavy pain and discomfort.  No matter how tough you may think you are your spirit body is immensely sensitive.  Every betrayal, hurdle, and emotionally painful experience you go through does invisible damage to your body.  It’s the arthritis, the back pains, the migraines, the stomach problems, and any other ailment that we’ve been told ‘happens with age.’  You deserve the best life ❤




Solar Plexus PTSD Exercise


The solar plexus is by far my favourite chakra to work on.  Although, I’m pretty sure I’ve said that about every chakra.  I love the solar plexus because it’s where all of your power resides.  It’s where you find your self-esteem, your astral body, career, anger, and life purpose.  It also governs the sense of sight and vision.  If you commonly suffer from blurry vision, then you most than likely need to work on your Solar plexus.

The solar plexus chakra (also known as the MANIPURA) is the energy center I’ve struggled with the most.  When this energy center is blocked, you’re riddled with fear.  I was scared to make decisions, to step outside of my comfort zone, and afraid to just LIVE.  I was also afraid to just be myself out of fear of being judged.

We all have a fear of being judged.  We all have insecurities.  That’s what makes us human.  An over abundance of the Solar Plexus makes one arrogant, stubborn, judgemental, and very temperamental (also a trait of a blocked root chakra).  You may have a lot of projects lined up but can never find the time or motivation to finish them.  People who think the world revolves around them also suffer from an over abundance of the solar plexus.

When I unblocked my solar plexus I felt FREE.  I felt an inner calm and felt present in my waking life.   And for the first time I felt connected to any and everyone.  You are no better than the next person no matter how much material and monetary success you have behind your name.  We all have struggles and hurdles that we have to work through.  Life is a journey.  And a balanced spiritual body can help you to overcome your darkest hours.

I decided to change this into a PTSD exercise.  And I would ask that you try this exercise after practicing my Root Chakra PTSD meditation.  In order to receive energy from the Earth and into your solar plexus, the Root and sacral need to be unblocked.  Do not skip my other exercises because in the end you’re only cheating yourself.

A traumatic event can cause harm to ones self-esteem and damage their ‘light center.’  The solar plexus is everything you are.  And everything you can be.  If this center is under active, you will never be able to reach your full potential.  Depression is a major side effect when this energy center is blocked and unable to receive energy.

This exercise will be slightly different than the ones I’ve previously posted.  Like all of my other meditation exercises, visualization is paramount.

This isn’t a meditative track but it’s what you will listen to for this solar plexus healing exercise.

With each song you will visualize yourself in a different place where you are surrounded by the colour yellow.  These places must be positive and full of sunlight.  This meditation exercise will raise your vibration and is meant to remind you that you’re safe and loved by the universe.  The universe loves you, that’s why it’s lead you to my blog to help your spirit heal.


Your first stop will be in a field of beautiful yellow sunflowers where the sun will shine down on you.  The suns rays are a beautiful way to open up your solar plexus.  Close your eyes, listen to the music, calm your nerves and imagine yourself surrounded by beautiful sunflowers dancing in the wind.  Make sure to also draw attention to your solar plexus which is now glowing and spinning with delight.

Repeat in your mind say, ‘I am light.  I am light.’

You are the power of the sun.  The power your spirit holds is infinite and cannot be created or destroyed.

Now you don’t need to change your surroundings every time the track changes.  You can stay in each place until you feel it is time to let go and move onto the next destination.


Next stop will be in a field of dandelions.  Again, the sun is shining down on you and your glowing and spinning solar plexus are taking in the yellow that surrounds you.

In your mind repeat the words, ‘I am pure.  I am pure.”

forrest  Next you will get lost in a beautiful forest where the leaves are a stunning yellow and soft orange.  Take in the sun and the cool breeze.  You will repeat in your mind, ‘I am whole.  I am whole.’


The last place you will be floating up in the sky.  Picture yourself naked and free of any restraints.  You are beautiful.  You are radiant.

Just as the sun starts to set, gold coloured glitter will fall from the sun and into your solar plexus as it shines and spins.  Repeat in your mind, ‘I am power.  I am power.’

You don’t have to go to the places I listed above.  Be creative.  Use your imagination and envision whatever and wherever you want.  Just keep it positive and beautiful.


Blessed be ❤