Confidentiality and Spirituality


This will be a short entry, but that does not make it any less important.  I’ve mentioned in a previous post that working on your chakras not only helps to cleanse and clear the aura, it also aids with the expansion of the third eye.  With each blockage you heal and release, your connection to the spiritual realm intensifies.  As you raise your vibration and increase your psychic abilities, you will become increasingly sensitive to negative energies and people who vibrate at a much lower vibration.  Do not tell these people that they vibrate at a lower frequency than you or that their energy makes you feel uncomfortable.  We’re all on our own spiritual journey with lessons we must learn on our own.  Only assist if asked by the individual.  You may provide them with a link to my blog, or give them healthy pointers on how to meditate and balance their aura.  However, you must keep yourself at a distance to protect your own energy.  You are not here to heal the world.  Simply raising your vibration will help raise the worlds vibration and make it a better place for those around you.  You need to be selfish with your energy and protect yourself from psychic vampires.  As you increase in spiritual power, those who suffer from blocked energy centers will be drawn to you for reasons they cannot comprehend.  Be kind and understanding and keep yourself at a distance.

As you become more spiritually inclined you will begin to receive messages from your angel/spirit guides, and possibly the dead, during meditation.  Pay attention and always take what they say into serious consideration.  Some messages come as warnings, while others will pose as directions you will need to take.  My spirit messages this past week have warned me of untrustworthy individuals, as well as advice I was asked to relay to specific people.  Messages you receive regarding other people should always be kept confidential.  Unless spirit asks you to give a message to a specific person, keep all messages you receive to yourself.  If the receiver of the messages chooses to tell others, then that’s their choice and their choice only.

Confidentiality should be the utmost importantt when dealing with your spirit guides/angels.  They’ve put their trust in you and expect you to use your gifts for the greater good.  Do not gossip and do not spread rumours about what it is that you’ve been told.  This is your journey and your path.  Be respectful and empathetic towards those who are suffering.  You will come across jealousy, anger, resentment, and a whole lot more from people who see your light and want to take it from you.  Be respectful. Be kind.  Now that you’ve formulated a relationship with your angels they will protect you every step of the way.  It’s not your place to get back at those who have hurt you.  Do not be aggressive, but don’t let people walk all over you either.

Blessed be my loves.

Yours truly,

July Moon.




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