Pay Attention to your Mind, Body and Spirit


There is a dark side to energy healing that I’d like to bring attention to on this lovely and beautiful morning.  I’d like to bring forth the importance clearing and healing your chakras in chronological order.   I always recommend my clients to start at the base and to work their way up through each energy center.  Why I stress the significance of taking literally one step at a time is to prevent malfunctions with the third eye.  Every time you clear each chakra your third eye gains power.  And due to blockages in the remaining energy centers, they can have you seeing and having psychic dreams that are based on fear.  Something I experienced when my solar plexus was severely blocked.  For months I had nightmares telling me that I’d developed a deadly disease until I went to the doctor and got checked out.  As it turned out, there was absolutely nothing wrong with me.  It was just one of the many fears from my waking life that took over my dream life as well.

I’ll use another example.  An energy healer I met a few years ago who told me I needed to work on my throat chakra.  Another reiki master told me I needed to work on my sacral chakra.  And technically, they were both right.   I’d started to read up on the chakra system and suffered from numerous health problems brought on by a blocked sacral and throat energy center.  After months of trial and error and meditating with my spirit guides, I would find out that the culprit behind most ( if not all) my health problems was the solar plexus.  I’d balanced and cleansed every single one of my chakras except the solar plexus because the reiki masters never mentioned anything about it.  I was mad but also incredibly relieved  once I found the root of the problem because all of my health ailments went away in a matter of days.

Anything that deals with the spiritual and subconscious can be dangerous.  Energy healing can leave you feeling tired, sad, depressed, and unable to get out of bed in the morning.  It forces you to sort through past resentments and painful memories that most would rather forget.  Reiki is therapeutic, but also very menacing if not performed properly.   That’s why I’ve started this blog and chosen to share what I’ve learned with the hope of helping others who are also suffering through past trauma.  As I’ve learned, most energy healers are bullshit and a waste of money.  No one knows yourself better than YOU and your guides.  YOU are the one that knows every ache and pain in your body and only YOU hold the ability to truly heal yourself.

I’m not mad about all of the money I’ve spent on healers because it forced me to research and find my own answers.  I’ve never been more proud of myself.  Just to know that I (as well as the rest of the world) has the ability to heal themselves on their own is the best gift I could’ve ever received.  So, thank you universe for every dead end and spiritual healer you placed on my path.  I’ve developed full trust in you and in my guides and came to realize that you truly have my best interest at heart ❤

Be patient.  Listen to your body.  Learn from yourself and the ones around you.  I now understand why the universe placed that negative person in my life last year.  At one point, I was just like that negative person.  I was negative, angry, judgmental and just so unhappy in every area of my life.  It’s now apparent that the universe put that individual in my life to act as mirror and to show me the negative person I once was.  Learn from your enemies and the unhappy people who have entered your life.  The universe is trying to tell you something, you just need to figure out what it is.   ❤






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